He literally lives his life as if Drake and Josh never ended.

What do you mean drake and josh ended

"I just wanna make art and help people." (insp.)

On artists requests: ‘Some artists, like Darren Criss, are chatty. He wants to talk to everyone about everything, so it’s just having bottles of water or tea ready. He’s going to be singing his heart out, so you help make sure his voice is on point after talking to kids for an hour and a half. It’s just making sure they’re comfortable.’

On favorite tour memories: ‘Darren Criss singing the most random songs in the front lounge.’

” — Molly Texeira-Torres, VIP coordinator from Adventures In Wonderland (x)


ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

Have a biscuit, Potter.



sometimes my twelve year old little sister will go on club penguin and trick a bunch of girls that she’s a guy and she’ll make them think they’re dating and then she’ll have them all meet her in the same place at the same time and watch them get into catfights about who’s boyfriend she is and thats how my little sister became a cross-dressing evil mastermind pimp on club penguin

“There was a time in my life when the only things that mattered to me in the entire world were The Beatles and Star Wars. Everything that I owned had to do with — oh and Disney movies.” — Darren Criss (on his influences)


I found this moment so striking between the two of them. Kurt is the one who was assaulted, who still bears the bruises. And yet not only is he the one who chooses to return to the makeshift memorial, but Blaine is the one who then pulls in close for comfort.

Kurt, if anything, stands straighter and stronger than he did before, such is his determination to show the world that no one can take him down. Blaine, as we hear him explicitly say in the next episode, has had a mental image of himself as a leader and a protector (however flawed that idea may be). That he could not keep Kurt safe - that Kurt, who he knows is strong as steel, could be harmed in this place they dreamed of as an escape from the bullies of Ohio - has shaken him to his core.

I love their story so much, both as individuals and as a relationship. Including, maybe even especially, the really hard parts.

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@dreakristina Love British designers! @FollowWestwood @Burberry #kurt #glee #GleeCostumes

@dreakristina Love British designers! @FollowWestwood @Burberry #kurt #glee #GleeCostumes


i love being tight with teachers because you get to hear them talk shit about other teachers its so funny they all act like highschoolers except they get paid 


carlos listening to his boyfriend’s old broadcasts to feel less isolated out in the desert otherworld that he is very temporarily trapped in.jpeg


The Bully

This comic I made over a year ago, but I’ve touched it up since and I’m happy to share it on tumblr C: while I’ve improved immensely since I made this, I’m still really proud of myself for making it.

ps. this was during a stage in my art where I was a little texture heavy, heh heh

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"What’s your favorite color?"
"Radical Carrot."



"What’s your favorite color?"

"Radical Carrot."


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